January 3rd, 2006


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♥The Latest On Your Favorite Celebs.
♥Rating. On Personality, Application, & looks.
♥Gift Ideas. For Birthdays, ect.
♥Party Planning.
♥Contests & Themes
♥LJ Help.
♥Fashion. Models
♥Shopping. Your favorite stores, sales, wish lists, ect.
♥&& More!

Must fill out your Application within 24 hours of joining.
No exceptions or you will be banned from the community

Also Apply for:
3.Icon maker
4.Layout maker

To Apply for any of the above.. email x0crazieinl0ve at MATERiALiSTiC3@aol.com
Berries and Flowers

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If we do not have it, we will find it. A community started by friends for friends to offer a place to share and search for recipes and new ideas to get away from the redundant everyday food....We have collected over 500 recipes with more added daily. Also, the journal offers over 100 tags for easy searching and weekly challenges to get members involved. From Kids Recipes to Home Remedies yea_we_cook_too will give you the variety you have been craving
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( COLBERT ) -- George Bush !

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ljproject ljproject ljproject

The purpose of this community is for livejournalers to express themselves through a weekly task. These assigned tasks can be as simple, for example, as submitting a photograph you took of the place you love most or as intricate as writing a poem about a life-defining moment you have experienced. Every week the assignment will be different, and everyone is welcome to participate. Read more here. Community opens at 100+ members.

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Do you make your own clothes? Wear handmade? Support independent designers, find other underground fashion lovers, get sewing/fashion advice and more! (click the banner)

For those of you who haven't joined the best, all-inclusive, underground fashion community on LJ, do it now! We have a new layout, more resources for DIYers and design contests!