January 24th, 2006

  • purtowj

Livejournal Games

Guess The Mug! (GTM) is a simple game that you can play everyday. The admin will post a scrambled picture of somebody (most likely, but not limited to, celebrities) and below the picture will be a poll. You enter into the poll who you think the picture is of. It's that simple! Monday through Friday a new picture will be posted, once the results have been posted, voting on the that game is over. The League Table will have everybody's scores on it.

Come on join </a></b></a>guessthemug today!
Tony Alien

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Please. peoplesuck101 A little piece of the internet where you can harp on how much people suck. In real life, on the internet...anywhere. It's the shit list of all shit lists. It's customers who suck and more. It's stupid people on livejournal and beyond. It's more then just co-workers who suck, it's everyone who sucks. Hell we will even take a good badfic to mock. Who doesn't love mocking badfic?

So check it out and join. :-)


manic_art is a brand new community to livejournal, only a few days old. We would really like to grow and have many different graphic makers in our community.

manic_art is a community for the soul purpose of fandom art of all kinds. TV, movies, music, sports, books, ect. Whatever your fandom is there is a spot for you as a member or even as a graphic maker. We also will be posting screen caps. For this we definitely need more members who would be willing to cap and willing to share their list of movies, ect.

Right now we have three graphic makers and one person for screen caps. We need your help. So check us out and join today. Whatever your fandom is, there is a place for you here.

So Join