January 27th, 2006

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twylite___ is a graphics community currently looking for new makers & members in order to improve the quality of the graphics community. Supplying graphics from a range of TV shows, fandoms, celebs, and requests we are here to provide livejournal with quality graphics. We strive on giving the members what they want. Please visit twylite___ and read the rules before joining. Thanks!
( COLBERT ) -- George Bush !

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ljproject ljproject ljproject ljproject
The purpose of this community is for livejournalers to express themselves through a weekly task. These assigned tasks can be as simple, for example, as submitting a photograph you took of the place you love most or as intricate as writing a poem about a life-defining moment you have experienced. Every week the assignment will be different, and everyone is welcome to participate.

Assignments may include but are not limited to:

+ Drawing, painting, etc.
+ Graphic design
+ Writing!
+ Photography


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Join: chapstickkkk, a rating community

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A brand new rating community.
Members can be as harsh as possible.
Superlatives, hunts, themes, debates, etc.

What are you waiting for?
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[x] Rates you on looks and personality.
[x] Active Members
[x] Updated weekly
[x] Great way to meet new people

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St.Smith is a slash RP takeing place in a mental hospital. We're full of amazing, mature players and fantastic mods. Sadly we are dying a bit, and hence why I'm trying to get more people over at my favorite RP ever. I'd hate to see this place die, it's fantastic and is perfect for anyone who likes slash.
We have lots of open roles and are open to about anything/anyone you can think of. We're open to first timers, either to slash or to RP in general. You've got to start somewhere right.
If you have ANY questions feel free to IM me(Names Lydia, by the way)

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redhotknockouts Needs TWO ACTIVE MODS:
Someone to tally up scores and another to stamp or resize pictures.

If you want to apply to be a mod please fill this out: