February 3rd, 2006

deep thoughts

Brand New Community

  • Did someone or something really tick you off today? Well, you've come to the right place!
  • The rant asylum was created to give people an outlet for their frustrations about daily occurrences that tend to piss us off.
  • Does the stupidity of humanity constantly rub off the wrong way on you? Tell us about it!
  • Ever wonder why there's traffic in one area, but 2 miles down the road it's completely gone? Doesn't that disturb you?!
  • Need to just vent your frustrations without feeling the pressure of being questioned?
  • Or, did something just totally random and weird happen that you need to rant about?

If this interests you, and you need a place to vent, click the image below to check out more about the community! Thank you for your time!! Hope to see many new faces!!

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