March 7th, 2006

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September, 1978. The NEWTS are done. The students are moving on to their own lives, their own apartments. Hogwarts will not have a pair of pranksters again until the recently born Weasley twins grow up.

It is a little over two years before that fateful Halloween--two years of fighting and almost constant fear. The new graduates of Hogwarts are adults now--they will have to be to face the coming years--and starting to move their seperate ways--some more seperate than others.

Still, while the sun has set and the Dark Lord has risen, this is only the beginning:

"Voldemort" is still just a name, and not a magical word of terror--Peter Pettigrew is only a rat in nature, not in body, and he doesn't know which side to choose--Sirius BLackhas just gotten an apartment using money he inherited from his uncle, and his living quarters are yet to change to a dank cell in Azkaban--the courtrooms at the top floor of the Ministry of Magic reserved for high crimes are still rarely used--Severus Snape hasn't been turned down for the D.A.D.A. post--Sybil Trewlawney's cataclysmic job interview won't happen for another year--and no one in the Hogwarts class of 1997/8 has even been even born yet, yet alone defeated a Dark Lord.

And as the darkness rises ever higher, people are beginning to be afraid that no one ever will.

The end of an era is coming. Are you ready? 

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