March 10th, 2006

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  The results of this poll have really fired me up, and I'm channeling that frustration and doing something constructive. I've started 12_percent, a community for those of us who proudly embrace evolution and science.

  This is what I posted in the community profile:
  This community was created in response to the results of a Gallup poll, which revealed that only 12% of Americans believe that evolution occurs without divine guidance. "Only 12% back evolution and say 'God had no part,'" was the pivotal statement
  Carl Sagan called science "a candle in the dark" of a world besieged by superstition and pseudoscience. We are proud members of that 12%, and will, in our own small way, help to shelter and tend the precious light of rationality.

Plus, we like to talk about it on the Internet. Because the Internet is all about reasoned, rational discourse. Right?

  If this appeals to you, come check us out.
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The following community is to post weird/strange things you find on the internets.

And this community is for sarcastabitches, and the like minded. "Because it's better to be a smartass, than a dumbass

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Also - my journal is fairly new if you wanted to add me too, but 18 plus please. :) (Oh god, I'm such a shameless whore, *shakes head sadly*)