March 13th, 2006

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This is a place to make or take icons that are expressive. I'm not just talking only about emo icons. Icons that talk. Icons that say what you are trying to communicate. No matter if you're saying "OMG!" or "I feel so alone" or "IAWTC" or "I rock, you suck"... you'll find icons here that help you express what you're thinking. Check it out... icon_expression
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Hogwarts Home Sorting is a BRAND new community for Harry Potter people looking to interact with other fans, discuss the books, movies, theories, etc, and participate in competitions to earn house points. We are looking for friendly people with possible leadership potential as we still have a few slots to fill, like Prefects and Heads of Houses. As long as you enjoy meeting people and competition, Hogwarts Home might be the place for you! We have an RPG forum as well as sub-communities where you can discuss and chat with other members.

Our goal is to grow on the basis of how we treat members during sorting. If you're interested, visit hh_sorting and read some applications and votes to get a feel of the way we do things. We urge everyone to treat each applicant as they would wish to be treated. We try to be as nice as possible, and we won't, unlike some communities out there, condone rudeness either during the application process, during competitions, or just during chatting in the community.

If you are at all interested by the sound of our new community, please join hh_sorting and read the rules, hints, and FAQs, and then fill out your application. Remember to include a lot of detail and elaboration about yourself so we can pick the best house for you :)

And if you have any questions, feel free to comment or contact me at my personal journal chaotic_vanity. You can find my email in my userinfo as well if you'd like it to be more private.

We would love to have you join!

Thank you for reading!
--Headmistress Maggie

book discussion community

talkbooks is a general book discussion community. I’m a moderator of the community. It’s intended as a community that will go beyond the best seller lists and the Oprah Book Club to explore some of the more interesting writers from both the past and the present

talkbooks serves as a group booklog, where members can publicly post what they've read and their lengthy reactions to it. It's meant to foster discussion on any works - short stories, novels, biographies, non-fiction - deeper than what most book communities offer. We mean to analyse and react to the written word beyond the primary level of comprehension.

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