April 4th, 2006

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not a rating community...

You join the community. Then you read the rules. Then you post your photos and the members comment with which photos are good ones and which ones aren't. You can also ask for help with resizing, photo enhancements, cropping, red eye, and touch ups.


this community is brand new and off to a good start. Join and post! you don't have to be accepted or anything. Just join.
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A rating community based on looks and personality
♥1+ year old and still going
♥Over 150 active stamped members
♥Dedicated Mods
♥Stamping within 24 hours
♥Many applications to choose from
♥Lots of activities including:
-Regular weekly themes (color theme and a "getting to know eachother" theme)
-Superlatives and superlative challenges
-Member Challenges
-Points System
-Members of the month
♥The voting system is always honest but never too harsh
♥All around great community to be a part of. Please consider joining!

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5 more auto-accepts left!

We're a rating community for the alternative among us. We care more about whether or not you're "hawt". In fact, not only do we know how to spell the word hot, but we really don't care about your looks. We want members who are active and have great personalities and opinions. We have forums, contests, VIP members list, and much more. We're brand new and are looking for great people like you! So join!