April 11th, 2006

break out

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Those of you who put their noses where they don't belong, walk under leaders, ignore the STOP, NO ENTRY sign, cross paths with black cats, take it literally when people tell you :" Break a leg", etc, etc...

This community is for those who have can laugh at themselves, share their ridiculous real life stories, and take a challenge once in a while.
We also welcome any art, poetry, images, weird laws; places, taboos, and just any venting you might want to do.
Once a month I will post a challenge, a mind game, a math problem, a Ripley's Believe or Not kind of challenge. Those of you who are up for it JOIN NOW or you can just sit home and read about MONDAY KIDS
This is a brand new community.mondaykid

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Last month I went around and spread the word about Treasure Trooper and now I'm here to tell you about a program that I'm doing in conjunction with Treasure Trooper.

The website is called Cash Crate- a direct competitor. I've found they approve offers faster than Treasure Trooper, and there are more free offers. The great thing about cash crate is they send you an email as soon as an offer is approved/could not be approved, and why.

They have a very supportive forum, and like Treasure Trooper, you get paid the 15th of every month for the previous month.

Example:March 1-end of the month get paid in April.

The minimum payout is 5 dollars, which is not hard to do since most of the free offers take SECONDS and are worth 40-60 cents.

Please join up via this link- I won't lie- I DO get a referral commission (but this does not affect your earnings at all).

Feel free to ask any questions. This program is very new, so if you haven't heard anything about it/dont understand, it's understandable.

Proof for the skeptics

talking about books

talkbooks is a general book discussion community. I’m a moderator of the community. It’s intended as a community that will go beyond the best seller lists and the Oprah Book Club to explore some of the more interesting writers from both the past and the present

talkbooks serves as a group booklog, where members can publicly post what they've read and their lengthy reactions to it. It's meant to foster discussion on any works - short stories, novels, biographies, non-fiction - deeper than what most book communities offer. We mean to analyse and react to the written word beyond the primary level of comprehension.

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robots take over

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Brand new rating community for people who are looking for more in a community than just "are you hott and girly?", this community is for the people who appeal to alternative tastes in fashion, music, and politics. We have contests, point system, VIP members listing, and forums. Currently doing auto-accepts. Join today! We're waiting for you!