April 13th, 2006


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Want to make fast, easy money?

The website is called Cash Crate. If you are familiar with GPT programs, it is like Treasure Trooper, but the great thing about cash crate is they send you an email as soon as an offer is approved/could not be approved, and why.

They have a very supportive forum, and like Treasure Trooper, you get paid the 15th of every month for the previous month.

Example:April 1-end of the month get paid in May.

The minimum payout is 5 dollars, which is not hard to do since most of the free offers take SECONDS and are worth 40-60 cents.

Please join up via this link- I won't lie- I DO get a referral commission (but this does not affect your earnings at all).

Feel free to ask any questions. This program is very new, so if you haven't heard anything about it/dont understand, it's understandable.

Proof for the skeptics

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