April 15th, 2006


talk books - book discussions

talkbooks is a general book discussion community. I’m a moderator of the community. It’s intended as a community that will go beyond the best seller lists and the Oprah Book Club to explore some of the more interesting writers from both the past and the present

talkbooks serves as a group booklog, where members can publicly post what they've read and their lengthy reactions to it. It's meant to foster discussion on any works - short stories, novels, biographies, non-fiction - deeper than what most book communities offer. We mean to analyse and react to the written word beyond the primary level of comprehension.

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Join reba_icontest today! A community dedicated to icons about Reba in general & cast on her show! I am in need of a mod, so join and contact me if you would like to be one. I am in need of members, & I just started this community and the first challenge is up!