May 9th, 2006

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Come and join Marauders_life!

• Set in the Marauder’s last year of Hogwarts
• Many many characters still available.
• Uses aim and livejournal
• Mature and Slash allowed
• Mature rpers only.
• Lots of fun to be had!

Go to marauders_life to see the roleplay and apply!

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O O C | R P G | A P P L I C A T I O N

Where have you gone?

As the end of Harry’s fifth year closes, the Wizard’s world starts goig polar. People start shedding their true colors and prepare for the biggest war of their time; to either make a new beginning, or a fantastic end. Voldemort has started gathering his followers and attack citizens of Britain, while the Order tries to gain stronger hold. While Voldemort is not all powerful; he certainly will become all-powerful, if no one stops him.

While Voldemort gathers his forces, the Order is starting to feel the strain of his power. With the loss of Sirius Black, many people, including Harry Potter, are starting to realize that after the war; they won’t be able to go back. Nothing will be the same, and precious blood will be shed. With the Order trying to gain people on their side, they start to realize that this war will be the end of all wars; no matter what happens.

With the death of Sirius on their hearts, the students start wondering; who will last the war? Will any of them? Having to deal with death so close will traumatize most; if not all.

All of us at The Darker Truth would love to have more adults (ie. Staff, Order, Deatheaters) and more Hufflepuffs! Right now we are especailly looking for the people named above, but we will never turn away a good applicant if the character they want is open! So come by and check us out, we'd love to hear from you.

Abby and Menina