June 14th, 2006

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hh_sorting is a brand new Harry Potter sorting community! We have classes, sorting,quidditch, competition, friends, and fun! Compete against other houses for the House Cup, stop by our RPG community, or simply chat with fellow students in the Great Hall. We pride ourselves on our polite sorting techniques and our welcoming attitudes towards all students. Apply today and join in the fun!

Join the best Harry Potter themed sorting community around! Tell them DBear sent you!
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_weareffinghawt is an awesome community.
We have over 50 members.
And our mods rock.
We also have fun activities such as:
♥ Picture themes
♥ Text themes
♥ Color themes
♥ Challenges
♥ Superlatives

we have 5 unique applications to choose from
so apply today and see if you are effing hawt too.