July 22nd, 2006

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Are you tired of being rejected from communities based on your appearance?
Are you tired of being insulted by other members of a community when you apply?
Do you just want to join a new community that is soon to be filled with interesting people?
If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, join TheJohanns.
We are a brand new rating community based on personality, tastes, and intelligence rather than looks.
The first ten members to join will be auto accepted.

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JOIN prisonguards
every have something strange happen to you?
do you feel like ranting/raving about something but don't know where to do it?
do you want a place to be able to post something totally stupid and random
and not get made fun of for it?
post pictures, drawings, funny stories, stupid jokes, ANYTHING.
the point of this community is to HAVE FUN!
so join today!

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Hear Me, I'm Crying Out
Come and join hear_crying_out!

We are an inner-beauty community based on personality and intelligence, rather than looks.

♥Dedicated Mod♥
♥Very Active♥
♥Lots of Themes♥
♥Awesome Members♥
♥Community Store♥
♥Easy Application♥
♥Promoting Is Allowed♥

Ready to see if you have inner beauty? Then apply to hear_crying_out.


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