August 26th, 2006

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Looking for a fun, new and fresh
rating community?
+Based on interest, personality and LOOKS.
+Members are straight up!
+Surveys, themes, hunts, challenges and growing activites.
+Camera whores are WELCOMED!
+Join the pack while you can!


you made of meat?
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Xavier‘s Gifted Role Play
|| Further Information || Rules || Application || Taken Lists ||

Are you tired of playing the same storyline day in, day out on your RPG? Are you sick of fighting the same bad guys who’s only objective is to take over the world? Do you want a RPG that had a focus on encouraging writing skills? An active community? Friendly players? A place where your character can grow and you can work on your characterization skills? Then Xavier’s Gifted is just the board your looking for.

Xavier’s gifted is a movie/comic verse RPG, set after the storyline events of X3: The Last Stand. Around every six weeks, what we refer to as an episode, we have a new set of villains with a new objective. We try to get everyone who wants to be, involved in some way, even if they wish to play a villain, yet also have a lot of time for our characters to work on their friendships within the school. More importantly, we’re a fast paced, friendly board with a lot of offer in support to those wishing to polish their writing skills. All applicants are welcome, and many canon characters are still available, so come check us out today!

Wanted: Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Mirage, Tower, Colossus, Multiple Man, Beast, Leech, and many more!