October 3rd, 2006

seriously Jensen


I've just started a new community, specialdragons. Fans (I know you're out there somewhere) of Chris d'Lacey's dragon series should go check it out. It's just a general discussion comm at the moment but if anyone has any fic that they want to post feel free to join. The fandom's only really tiny, it basically consists of me and one other person that I know of (not sure if that makes a fandom), so if you have heard of these books, read them and like them, come, join and pimp the comm.

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O O C | R P G | A P P L I C A T I O N

Where have you gone?

P L O T:At the end of Harry’s fifth year closed, the Wizard’s world started going polar. At the beginning of Harry’s seventh year things are spiraling out of control. Although Death Eater Lucius Malfoy was murdered by a unknown assailant, the Death Eaters have banned together to cause havoc and pain on unsuspecting muggles and wizards alike.

With their mighty hand, they have attacked three students and professors at Hogwarts, with two that were successfully murdered. With the deaths that have occurred, parents start wondering if Hogwarts is really safe for their children. Who will go back, and who will be forced to stay at home?

The Order, although it has shrunk in size, has been doing all they can to protect the students and Harry Potter. Nymphadora Tonks was assigned from the Ministry to take up the appearance of a Professor to better protect the students, and with some sly handling of Prof. Dumbledore’s, Professor Lupin has been allowed to come back and teach. They try scrambling for the little strength they have as they have new members Cho Chang and Katie Bell to train. With their help, they may be able to win the war. What will happen? With your help, we may find out!

All of us at The Darker Truth would love to have more adults (ie. Staff, Order, Deatheaters) and more Hufflepuffs! Right now we are especailly looking for the people named above, but we will never turn away a good applicant if the character they want is open! So come by and check us out, we'd love to hear from you.

Abby and Andy