December 7th, 2006

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Subterranean Hip
-This is a rating community that urges you to be yourself. Your REAL personality is key, and is the only way to get stamped.
-Our stamping process is based on your opinions. Likes and dislikes are another way to get a feel for you, but you will not be judged solely on your interests.
- We won't judge you on looks. You are not required to post a photo with your application.
- Join subterraneanhip today!

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How do you earn money on CashDuck? You complete a variety of offers - FREE OFFERS, trial memberships, surveys, and more - and are paid for completing them. Some offers cost money to complete (although it is not necessary to do offers that require a credit card), but you will always be paid more for completing the offer than it cost you. This is not a get rich quick scheme, and you won't be able to quit your job using this site, but you will be able to make some extra money to use towards your goals.

In addition to earning money, with every offer you complete you will also earn feathers which you can use towards giftcards!

So sign up and try it out if you're into easy GPT sites. I cashed out last month with $312 sent to my paypal, twenty dollars from Wal-Mart and five dollars from Petsmart.

Good luck!
Mandy Rainbow

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hybrid_sorting is a brand new Harry Potter sorting community. Rather than being sorted into the four houses of Harry Potter (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin) you get sorted into the hybrid house that most suits your personality. You can be a brave and witty Gryffinclaw, a hard working and brash Huffledor, an ambitious and loyal Slythindor, an intelligent and caring Ravenpuff, a cunning and loyal Slythinpuff or an ambitious and intelligent Slythinclaw. New term begins December 30th. We'd love to see you there, so hurry and apply today!