December 17th, 2006


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<div style="text-align: center;"><b><font color="#ff0000">Are you looking for a place to get some advice about relationships? </font></b>
depression? school? family problems? or about almost any other issue?

<b><font color="#ff0000">Looking for a place to find support? </font></b>
Find others in a similar position? to vent? to gain another opinion about your problem? To see your issue from a new angle or point of view?

<b><font color="#ff0000">Wishing you could help others?</font></b>
Be supportive? Give advice? Do so anonymously? Share your experiences and words of wisdom? Let others know they aren't alone?

<lj-cut text="If you said yes, than Advice_Source may be for you!">

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<u><lj comm="Advice_Source"> may be the community for you! </u></div>

<div style="text-align: center;">Our goal is to have a place that people from all walks of life, ages and situations can come to and get advice or help support others. We're not out there personally recruiting people to join this community but we hope that people will join, use our services and maybe even get the chance to help someone else in return. We're looking for people who are openminded, honest and caring and for people who need support, guidance and understanding. This community is not just about telling others what you think but doing it with respect and guidance.

One of our biggest hopes is to have a community where there is no is publicly judged. Everyone has their own oppinion but we hope that people can leave advice without criticizing others. This community is about acceptance, support and words of advice. It is not about judging others for their mistakes or experiences they have had. and we want people to feel comfortable in our community.

Anyone can leave advice, you <b>do not</b> have to be a member. You can also leave anonymous advice. To post in the community, you need to become a member (and stay a member until your entry is posted but you don't have to be a member to read your post and responses later on)and then the post will be screened by either Becky (<lj user="Hoodwink">) or Candace (<lj user="ckandi007">). You can have things posted anonymously if you email your issue to us at: <font color="#ff0000"><b></b></font> Then we will post the email in the community without usernames or any other identifying information so that others can leave comments.

If you want to know more, please check out our info/rules page! or drop Candace and Becky a line at <font color="#ff0000"></font>

Thank you for your time!</div>